Do you have a study center, a school
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Start a robotics club

We offer a complex solution for the implementation of the «Robotics, Coding and 3D Printing» classes in your educational institution
Want to know how to start?
Want to include robotics in your study center's curriculum?
We offer a complex solution for the implementation of the «Robotics, Coding and 3D Printing» classes in your educational institution.
We will solve all the technical issues
We will supply a full package of robotic equipment. We will set it up, launch it and provide you with a full technical support.
We will train your teachers
We will train your teachers in Robbo's teaching center or in your educational institution. Original courses of enhanced training.

We will provide you with all the necessary course content
We will provide you with all the necessary study materials for the kids of different age ranges: 5-7 years old, 8-10 years old and 11-14 years old kids.
ROBBO — a reliable contractor
55 general education schools in Finland
Finnish manufacturer of educational robotics for kids
More than 500 private sections and study centers around the world
Our equipment and study programs are already successfully implemented:
The franchise operates in 35 countries of the world
ROBBO teaches 100,000+ students
Our equipment
Full equipment package for Codinging, Robotics and 3D-Printing classes
  • ROBBO Lab
    ROBBO Lab consists of a motherboard with transmitters and programming sensors, a joystick similar to the one that controls video games is used in a program for teaching the basics of a Smart house.
  • ROBBO Robot kit
    A wheel-based robot that allows kids to connect different sensors: photoconductive sensor, touch sensor, lines and any others. Kids will program a robot, study algorithms for passing difficult race tracks and labyrinths, participate in competitions.
  • 3D-printer ROBBO Mini
    3D-printer ROBBO Mini brings any idea to life. Kids draw a model and 3D-printer turns it into a real 3D object made of plastic.
  • ROBBO Arduino kit
    ROBBO Arduino kit is necessary for teaching the basics of electronics. The kit consists of different electronic components that easily connect to Arduino's microcontroller.
Our course content
We will provide your teachers with everything they need
Teacher training
  • Teachers of your study center can attend a special training course in ROBBO study center in Helsinki or ROBBO online learning center;
  • Our training specialist can go to your educational institution
Lesson plans
  • Your teachers will be provided with the lesson plans for every discipline (coding, robotics, 3D prototyping);
  • Every lesson plan includes 3 files: technological map of the lesson, methodological instructions for the teacher and a workbook for a student.
Support and guidance
  • Your teachers can address ROBBO's methodology department to receive help and explanations, answers to questions and propositions;
  • 1 time per quarter every term ROBBO's methodology department will conduct an educational webinar for all teachers.
Want to know more?
Leave a request and we will provide you with all the details on how to implement «Robotics» in your educational institution
Positive ROI from the class implementation
Full equipment kit
Implementation investments start from 7000 EUR.
All the study and methodological materials
Training courses for teachers
  • 80
    An average number of children that take robotics classes - 80 kids per month
  • 150
    An average price for a set of classes = 150 EUR*
  • 12 000
    Turnover from 1 class – 12 000 EUR per month
Turnover from one class comes out at 12 000 EUR per month

Positive ROI from the class implementation occurs after 2,5 months of work

You will reach the break-even point during the first month of work!


Wage fund

Join the world's largest network of robotics schools!
ROBBO operates in 35 countries worldwide
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Receive a detailed four-season financial model that will help you implement robotics, coding and 3D printing classes in your educational institution
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